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This slippery dude seems to be in quite the sticky situation!

Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying this prophylactic pirate who stole $338 of condoms from a CVS on Newport Avenue in Pawtucket. If anyone can identify this crafty condom cowboy please contact Pawtucket detective Raymond Doran at rdoran@pawtucketpolice.com or you can call him direct at 401-727-9100 ext ext 742.

By the way. How many condoms can you buy for $338 dollars? I’m no expert but I’d have to image that a mere mortal couldn’t blow through use that many in an entire lifetime.

All this dude needs to do is show this video to any jury and he’ll get off go free in a second!

PS – $10 this is just a huge ruse and the dude just wants everyone to know that he gets laid! I wonder if they’ll let him bring the condoms to prison with him…