In a move sure to please frat boys, fans of Jersey Shore, binge drinkers and 19 -year-olds all across the nation, Applebee’s has announced that they will be selling their Long Island Iced Teas for only $1.00 during the month of December. 

“The Dollar drink is back at Applebee’s just in time for the holidays, and this time, folks can enjoy a $1 Long Island Iced Tea,” Patrick Kirk, vice president of beverage innovation at Applebee’s, said in a press release. “The Dollar L.I.T. is kind to your pocket book and a great drink to share with old friends and new ones this holiday season.”

If you’re wondering, LITs are made with vodka, gin, rum, tequila, triple sec, lime and coke and are the preferred dink of assholes. Ask any bartnder and they’ll tell you that Long Island drinkers are the WORST and always the first ones to pick a bar fight.

Selling a cocktail made from pouring the entire bottom shelf, plastic bottle swill together for $1.00…what could go wrong?

December promises to be a banner year for DUI’s in Middletown!

Applebee’s; for when Red Lobster is just a bit too upscale!

PS – Don’t forget, the Applebee’s in Middletown once went nearly an entire year without paying an autistic man who worked there!