Newport RenewablesThe historic Belcourt of Newport is undergoing a meticulous restoration process led by owner Carolyn Rafaelian, with an addition of a solar photovoltaic system to the 40,000 square foot mansion on Bellevue Avenue. The solar array was installed in May by Newport Renewables, a clean energy project developer based here in Newport, RI. Belcourt of Newport hired the electrical contractor to design and install the 18.72 kW DC array which will offset the electric consumption of a recently installed geothermal heating and cooling system.

Newport Renewables, founded by Rhode Island natives, Stuart Flanagan and Michael Cabral, has grown rapidly since opening their doors in 2010 and has hired nine employees since June 2014. The company focuses on clean energy projects that deliver perpetual benefits to its clients and the environment.

Stuart Flanagan, co-founder of Newport Renewables, notes the importance of utilizing renewable energy in lieu of traditional fuels. “Belcourt of Newport is one of very few historic mansions that utilizes solar photovoltaic and geothermal” he states, “We are honored to have been a part of this historic restoration.”

The pollution reduction for this solar array is equivalent to 980 barrels of oil not used, 47,403 gallons of gasoline not consumed, or 89 passenger vehicles taken off the road.