When I first met Ben Jaffe, George Wein introduced him as his “surrogate son” and said we would get along swimmingly. As usual, George was right. Ben is the actual son of Preservation Hall’s founders Allan and Sandra Jaffe and grew up in New Orleans two blocks from the hallowed hall itself.

While most people know him as the guiding force wielding his Tuba in the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, he also serves as the Chairman of the Board of the Preservation Hall Foundation, the charitable non-profit that serves the mission to “protect, preserve and perpetuate New Orleans jazz music and culture.”  As this sentiment echoes our own Foundation’s mission in Newport, and thanks to George’s long standing relationship with the Crescent City and the Jaffe’s, it’s not surprising why I view Ben as a musical brother in arms.

Therefore it is with great pleasure that Newport Folk welcomes Ben Jaffe to our Artist Board of Advisors.

– Jay Sweet
Executive Producer, Newport Festivals Foundation