Aliens newport RI

(VIDEO) That was definitely an alien space craft flying over Newport on Friday!

The Aliens are coming! The Aliens are coming!

Ok so we all remember way back to December 2017 when the Navy pilots found aliens and the former Pentagon head of the secret X-Files program went on national TV and told us aliens were real and then the Pentagon had to come out and basically confirm it, right?

Well…in just an absolute horrifying video sent to us on Instagram by @nrathy, it appears that Newport is under imminent invasion from an extraterrestrial attack force.

You don’t believe me? Just watch the video!

Now this makes those UFO studies from the Pentagon X-Files feel just that more real!

And let’s not forget, Luis Elizondo who oversaw the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, which ran for five years between 2007 and 2012, recently confirmed the existence of aliens.

We are not alone…

Cue the video

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