Eli Prendergast is the undisputed Prince of Rogers High School and when you’re a prince you can’t do the kind of boring stuff that the little people do, you have to make things interesting. So that’s exactly what Prince Eli did when he decided that Jillian Hanos would be the lucky girl to attend Senior Prom with him.

Sure he could have just passed her a note in homeroom like the peasants do or even sent one of his footmen to deliver the good news but no, Eli is a man of his people. He mixes with his subjects, he shows them he cares.

So Eli broke out his six string, summoned the traveling press corps and belted out “Close Your Eyes” by Meghan Trainor to deliver the good news to his hand chosen princess.

Now here’s the best part. She had the shirt ready!!! Don’t think that’s a mistake, bet your bottom dollar that Jillian and EVERY OTHER girl at Rogers High School had been carrying around a shirt just like that just waiting for the day that the prince would come calling.

Congrats to Eli and Jillian! First ballot Hall of Fame prom proposal for sure.

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