APRIL 2016 Challenger of the Month

Congratulations Kevin Venancio for losing 23 pounds on the ‪#‎BULLFROGFIT‬ 30 Day Challenge – Phases 1 & 2!

Kevin has been on a journey for quite some time now in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. Over the past year he has successfully lost over 60 POUNDS!

BULLFROGFIT was able to help him break through his plateau and achieve continued weight loss.

Kevin is one of my most hard working clients, in and out of the gym; and his hard work has truly paid off. Keep working hard towards that goal # Kevin- it will happen with your attitude.

Kevin has earned himself a free personal training session and bullfrog apparel!

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The mission at BullFrog FIT is to get their clients to their goal, period. If you want to lose 15 pounds and get a six pack, their mission is to get you there and provide you with support along the way. If your goal is to lose 60 pounds and gain more energy; adding years to your life, then that’s what you will do. Jerimiah believes that “if you want something, you go get it, period.” Jeremiah does everything in his power to bring out the absolute best in each and every his of my clients. He will give you the tools to be successful, and show you what you need to do each and every day in order to get there.

Are you ready to change your life? Better health starts with you. Contact BullFrog FIT today! BullFrog FIT has programs that work and produce results, increasing energy and health; that’s something worth sharing with your friends and family.

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