The Gun Safety Working Group will meet monthly to discuss and develop recommendations to counteract the gun violence epidemic. The issues to be considered by this task force include identifying loopholes in the background check system and reporting processes for individuals who should not have access to firearms, preparing for and preventing mass shooting events including school shootings, and addressing domestic violence, suicide, and mental health. The Working Group also will support the Regional Gun Violence Research Consortium established in February by Governor Raimondo along with the governors of Connecticut, New York and New Jersey.

The first meeting of the Gun Safety Working Group will be the week of April 22.

“People in every community have been impacted by gun violence, and too many of us have seen these impacts firsthand,” said Narragansett Town Manager James Manni, a former Rhode Island State Police major. “This is a complex issue with strong opinions on every side. By bringing so many experts to the table and having an open and honest discussion about the steps we can take, I know we’ll be able to make a real difference for the people of Rhode Island.”

“Gun violence is a public health issue that touches all Rhode Islanders,” said Dr. Megan Ranney, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at Rhode Island Hospital/Alpert Medical School. “As a doctor, I see both the injuries and their long-term impact on our state. Rhode Island needs coalitions that create consensus based on facts and evidence, not partisan politics, to reduce the number of gun injuries and all of their associated costs. I look forward to bringing my background in emergency medicine and health services to this important task force.”

Last year, Governor Raimondo worked with advocates from Moms Demand, the Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence and other community leaders to pass legislation that takes guns out of the hands of abusers.

The governor has been a vocal advocate for several proposals currently before the legislature aimed at addressing gun violence, including the red flag bill, a ban on military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and efforts to prevent the concealed carry of firearms by civilians onto school grounds.

Members of the Gun Safety Working Group include: 
Dr. Megan Ranney, Working Group Chair
James Manni, Working Group Chair
Adah Bryan
Capt. Derek Borek
Chief Dean Hoxsie
Chief Edward Mello
Chief Hugh Clements 
Chief James Mendonca
Col. Ann Assumpico 
Crystal Monteiro
Dante Bellini
Dr. Jill Doerner
Dr. Nicole Alexander-Scott
Ed Troiano
Eliseo Nogueras
Eric Bronson
Halima Ibrahim
Jennifer Smith Boylan
John Wesley
Jonathan Mendelsohn 
Julia Wyman
Kasim Yarn
Luis Toro
Major Michael Jagoda
Matt Toro
Matt Vargas
Meg Clingham
Paul Bueno de Mesquita
Phil Auger 
PJ Fox
Rebecca Boss
Riccardo Roscoe
Richard Crino
Rosanna Campbell
Sean Varano
Sen. Erin Lynch Prata
Stacey Veroni
Stephen Dambruch
Sue Storti
Victoria Richard
Wendy Bowen
Xavier Copeland
Yanaiza Gallant