As we turn the page to 2017, let’s not forget the friends and family we lost in 2016.

Gone but never forgotten…

Kerri Shea Marshall – January 1st

Kerri S Marshall

David Cabral – January 7th

David G Cabral

Anne Hayes O’Connell – January 26th

Anne O'Connell

Mayor Buddy Cianci – January 28th

Buddy Cianci Obituary

Mark Mecklenburg – January 29th

Mark Mecklenburg

Dr. William Connell – February 1st

Dr William M Connell

Barry Magee – February 4th

Barry Magee

Timothy Brennan – February 11th

Timothy Brennan

Paul Gordon – February 18th

Chuck Bailey – February 21st

Charles Chuck Bailey Obituary

Dorian Murray – March 8th


DStrong Dorian Murray

Richard Kelly – March 14th

Bob Healey – March 20th

Bob Healey RI Cool Moose Party

Jay Schochet – March 24th

Jay Schochet

Evelyn Baer – March 27th

Evelyn Baer

Admiral Thomas Weschler – April 3rd

Admiral Weschler Obituary

Bill Muessel – April 15th

Bill Meussel Newport RI

Joey Sullivan – April 15th

Joey Sullivan Obit Newport RI

Ralph Gizzi – April 16th

Ralph Gizzi

Representative George Levesque – April 20th

George Levesque Obituary

Mary Jean McKenna – April 21st

Mary Jean McKenna

Maura Kelly Kehew – April 26th

maura kehew

Councilman Ronald Dick – April 26th

Ronald Dick Obituary

Louie Murphy – May 1st

Louis Murphy

Kristen McEvoy – May 7th

kristen mcevoy-750x500

Marjorie “Peg” Gillis – May 10th

marjorie peg gillis

Kathleen Cicilline – May 26th

Kathy Cicilline Newport RI

Bunnie Quinn – May 29th

bunnie quinn obituary

Peter Von Villas, Jr. – May 31st

Peter Von Villas Obit

Tad Sanchez – June 2nd

tad sanchez obit

Patti Fay – June 4th

Patti Fay obituary

Jack Napolitano – June 23rd

jack napolitano obituary

Joe Brady – July 2nd

joe brady obituary

Tom Cullen – August 15th

Tom Cullen Obituary

Rosemary Grauer – September 2nd

rosemary grauer

Ray Caine – October 6th

Eddie Berube – October 8th


Fred Margolis – October 14th

fred-margolis obituary

Sister Leona Misto – October 17th


Jack Kelly – October 24th

jack-kelly-obituary newport ri

Mac Chrupcala – November 26th


Brian Campbell – December 2nd


Chris Curry – December 5th

Christopher C Curry

Kevin Medeiros – December 24th

kevin medeiros

Rest in peace, you kindhearted souls.

Newport will miss you!