Lorraine Dennis and Diane Lynch prove that anyone can participate in any of the Walks to End Alzheimer’s. Residents at Atria Aquidneck Place in Portsmouth, both Dennis and Lynch walked at last year’s Newport Walk at Fort Adams and both are in their 90’s. 

“Someone asked me if I need a ride back to the start, and said no. I am not going to give in,” said Dennis. 
Dennis, who is 98, has lived in Rhode Island for over 40 years and is originally from Minnesota. This was her second year participating at the Walk in Newport. 
“I have seen so many friends with Alzheimer’s, and it is just a horrible disease,” she said. “I had to go (to the Walk). We are right at the edge of research to put us over the top to find a cure.”
Lynch, who is 93 and life-long Rhode Islander, went to the Newport Walk for the first time in 2018, but she said that she has been to many different walk events over the years. she has a personal connection to the disease. 
“I watched my husband have Alzheimer’s for many years,” said Lynch. “I used to jog all of the time when I was younger, and it is really life saving. so I told myself that I could do it. (by going to the Walk).”
Both Dennis and Lynch, who walk outside the buildings every day, said that they love the Newport Walk to End Alzheimer’s because it s well organized, have plenty of water and is in a Rhode Island landmark. 
“Fort Adams is a beautiful spot, and there is a lot of history there,’ said Lynch. 
They explained that they were the last walkers to finish and an ambulance followed them the whole way, which was there for anyone if they had trouble finishing. 
“The ambulance followed us, and we were the last in line,” said Dennis. “I felt so bad for them, but having the ambulance there was a real comfort.”
The Alzheimer’s Association’s Newport Walk to End Alzheimer’s is on September 15 at Fort Adams State Park.