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It’s Great to Be Gronk from Dujour Media on Vimeo.


If quarterback Tom Brady is the Patriots’ demure sophisticate, well, Gronkowski is his fratty, fun-loving foil.

So in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years, you’ll know that Rob Gronkowski is quite the ladies man (heck, he’s a man’s man as well – but it’s kind of creepy that dudes are trying to take pics of his junk in the men’s room) and he lives quite the charmed life.

He even loves to party it up in Newport! So anyway, Gronk just did an interview with DuJour Magazine and it’s quite good.

Check it out!


Lindsay Silberman: What’s the strangest fan interaction you’ve had recently?

Rob Gronkowski: Guys always follow me into the bathroom and ask for pictures and stuff. My brother Gordo said he had to jump up and block some dude who tried to take a picture of my…you know…while I was pissing. Gordo said my piece was just hangin’ out while I was talking to the guy.

LS: Have you always been a ladies’ man?

RG: I mean, my screen name in fourth grade on AIM was “chickmagnet4life,” so it started in fourth grade…and that’s “4 life.”

LS: Do you still use the screen name?

RG: No, but I definitely still have it.

LS: OK, can you tell me what your dating life is like?

RG: I haven’t been on a date in five years.

LS: Have you ever been on Tinder?

RG: I tried to do Tinder one time three years ago as a joke because we were bored in the locker room. I just kept swiping right and sending messages to people, and not one person believed it was me! Now there are fake accounts and everyone tweets at me, “I just got Tinder matched with @RobGronkowski,” and I’m like…no one believed it when it was really me! It was funny.

Want to read the rest of this feature? Check it out on DuJour!

PS – next time Gronk hits you up on Tinder…believe it!