To the Editor:

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us. COVID 19 has disrupted our daily lives and livelihoods, our children’s learning opportunities and for many – robbed us of our loved ones. Protests have signaled that many of our long-held beliefs are unfair and unjust. We are amid unprecedented need for change in both our personal lives and in our community. In these uncertain times, we need leadership that is listening, is responsive, is skilled and has the courage to take action.

As a person who has been a small business owner and interacted with City government in the City of Newport for over 30 years, I support Kim Salerno for City Council in Ward 2.
She brings an intelligent and resourceful voice to City government demonstrated by her years of leadership working with senior City staff as chair of the Planning Board. Her years of public service have prepared her for the challenges ahead as we look to build back our local economy. She set up a sub-
committee in March with the mission of examining our Comprehensive Community Plan for inherent racial bias.

We need responsive committed leadership to bring our community together to perform the best it can for each citizen. We need Kim Salerno on the Council.

Glenn R. Gardiner, 97 Harrison Ave, #4, Newport, RI
Principal, Newport Collaborative Architects