Letter: Offensive National Political Conduct Has Infiltrated Newport

To all Ward 3 Newport voters, a head’s up. I am usually reticent to to weigh in on my opinions in a public forum but there comes a time when silence is tantamount to indifference or cowardice. That time has come.

Offensive national political conduct has infiltrated good old Newport, long ago founded on the principle of tolerance.

I applaud anyone anywhere who is willing to run for public office but not one who rudely denigrates their opponent. Case in point, brand new Paul Marshall, running for the city council has lowered himself to publicly insult his rival, Kate Leonard. Marshall has the audacity to ridicule Leonard, with twenty years of watchdog experience on the council. The last straw for me was his use, during the recent primary of a sign holder at a polling location to dress as a cartoonish dinosaur, alluding to Kate’s established career in public office. Unkind, childish and unseemly. Kate Leonard would never go low.

Marshall has zero experience in politics, is not a Newport taxpayer nor a Newport homeowner. Kate Leonard has been a registered voter here for twenty years and a taxpayer-homeowner as well. Kate’s record shows a relentless eye on our city budget. A champion of Newport schools, a fierce adversary of commercial real estate expansion downtown and a protector of the fragile character of our beautiful city.

Please consciously consider your vote: Experience and honor vs. no experience and dishonor.


Virginia Purviance