newport police

Letter: “We Need Our Police”

Dear Editor,

I am writing in an attempt to reach as many voters as I can to ask for their help by not voting to elect candidates who support defunding the Newport Police.
I am a 41 year old single female and I live in Park Holm, Newport, and I have always lived here. Paul Marshall supports diverting money away from the police to pay for psychologists. This would weaken our police force, which is already challenged by current demands. He is also not familiar with many of Newport’s neighborhoods, Park Holm is one of the poorest of Newport’s neighborhoods next door to Newport Heights or better known as Tonomy Hill, government housing. 
I’m writing because I’m afraid that University Graduates who belong to the yacht clubs and country clubs, like mister Marshall, but don’t understand our neighborhoods because they’ve never been here, never mind had to live here, will be making socially engineered decisions for us like defunding our police. 
We need to be able to call the police and have someone actually come to help us without fear of losing their job or their life! I see these “equity lensed” social engineering ideas being tried in other cities and it’s horrifying to me and my neighbors.  I’m sure it sounds nice up at the campus when they’re all self congratulating themselves, but this thinking is the worst thing that could ever happen to us.
Please help us by not voting for equity based political candidates like Paul Marshall.
Thank you,
Mary Wasilewski
Park Holm, Newport