New deadlines set for Rhode Island driver licenses, registrations

The R.I. Division of Motor Vehicles has revised its renewal schedule for driver’s licenses, permits, identification cards, and vehicle registrations with expiration dates in March and June.

Under the new authorization issued by DMV Administrator Walter R. “Bud” Craddock, credentials, vehicle registrations, and inspection stickers due to expire in June are now valid for an additional 90 days – or until Sept. 30, 2020, when applicable. In addition, Craddock has authorized an additional 90-day grace period for all motor-vehicle documents that previously held March expiration dates. Those documents are now valid until Sept. 30, 2020, when applicable.

Previous directives regarding motor-vehicle documents with April and May deadlines remains unchanged at this time. Those documents are now due to expire in July and August, respectively.

Revised Expiration Dates Original Expiration Date New Expiration Date* March September 30 April July 31 May August 31 June September 30 *NOTE: Licenses expire on the date of the month corresponding to the original expiration date. For example, a license originally due to expire on March 15, 2020 now expires on Sept. 15, 2020.

This decision recognizes the importance of minimizing personal interactions during the crisis while recognizing the need for some individuals to continue traveling in support of essential businesses and organizations, or personal needs such as food shopping and pharmacy visits.

Rhode Islanders, businesses, and non-government agencies eligible for these extensions should delay visits to the Division’s headquarters or AAA Northeast offices for as long as practicable during this period of concern over the transmission of COVID-19.

Division customers are reminded that many transactions can be completed by mail or online: including renewing licenses or registrations, submitting CDL medical certifications, ordering custom plates, obtaining driver records, and changing addresses.

If it is necessary for you to complete a transaction in person, customers are reminded that only the Division’s Cranston and Middletown offices are open – by reservation only. Walk-ins are not allowed at this time.

Please visit www.dmv.ri.gov for available reservation times and more information on how to prepare for a visit.