Do you recognize this pair of pulchritudinous public painting princesses? If so, the Newport Police would like to speak with you. Apparently, this devious doodling duo decided that Newport’s famed Cliff Walk would make the perfect canvas for their sneaky spraying shenanigans.

Cast your gaze upon these monsters and contact Detective Jacqueline Wuest at or 401-845-5765 if you know who they are.


Here’s hoping that Marie Cassatt and Georgia O’Keeffe get the book thrown at them!

Oh PS – This Marc Ecko tagging event was literally held right in front of my apartment when I live in NYC. The event went well until one frustrated artist thought he could better express himself with a gun and decided to shoot a couple of people. I bet these girls are both carrying guns, they look kind of thuggish!


Live look in on the Newport Police closing in!