Former Mayor Jeanne Marie Napolitano deserves to be the next Mayor of Newport, RI. PERIOD!

Jeanne Marie Napolitano has been the top vote getter in five of the last seven elections in Newport, including a decisive victory last night. 

Here’s how the process works for electing Newport’s Mayor for those who don’t know:

Newport elects seven members to the City Council. Four of those members are elected city-wide and three are elected from the wards. Of the four elected city-wide, one is elected mayor by the full council. It takes four votes to get elected mayor.

Jeanne Marie Napolitano has the knowledge, experience and competency to once again lead our city as mayor and she should immediately be voted in by this new council.

All of the elected members of this new council are on record that the top vote getter should be elected mayor of Newport. Let’s hope they do what’s right for Newport and not start off this new term by breaking their promises to the voters of Newport.