A Podcast About Love and Life in Newport, RI

Boat building is a thing. A big thing. Here in New England, there’s a rich history of building boats, dating back to 1688 in Essex Massachusetts. Today’s guest is a boatwright. That’s a person who builds and repairs boats, usually wooden boats. Beautiful, functional, drool-worthy works of art that dance and play on the water. Carter Richardson owns East Passage Boatwrights in Bristol, RI, and joins Buck and Helena to talk about what life is like as a boatwright. Listen in!

Show Notes and Links:

Hosts: Buck & Helena
Guest: Carter Richardson of East Passage Boatwrights
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THAT NEWPORT SHOW is a weekly podcast sharing the stories and characters that make Newport, Rhode Island America’s favorite city by the sea.

With each episode, hosts Buck & Helena share their Newport experiences in segments like Dine & Dish, Adventure Island, and Shop Newport.

blackandwhiteBuck and Helena are a couple of old punks who survived what they call “the toddler years” (plus a few extra). As they slowly regain their sanity, this smart and silly couple are once again venturing out into the world to get their party on. They may be a bit slower these days, but they are also a lot wiser. And honestly, a lot more fun. Read more about your hosts.

While That Newport Show features a lot of what Newport has to offer both visitors and residents, the essence of show is about two grown-ups who really have no business being grown-ups, and the things they get up to in Newport – as well as at home on their small New England horse farm.

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