Soooo…this happened on Thursday night during the anti-Trump protests that took to the streets of Washington, DC.

Ok, first things first. At the time this video was shot, the temperature in DC was a chilly 38º. Where the hell is this kid’s jacket?!?!? He could catch a cold! And I get it, I know that he couldn’t be wearing gloves because it’s really difficult to use a lighter with gloves on, everyone knows that, but how about a hat??? Has no one told his parents that President William Henry Harrison died a mere 31 days in office after coming down with pneumonia for not wearing a hat and a jacket during his inauguration?!?!?

What is this world coming to? Where are the parents?



PS: Lose the baby fat, add 20 years and boom, Timothy McVeigh! Someone should probably step in NOW!!!

Great job, Connor’s parents! smh…is this how the LEFT plans to Make America Great Again?