Veteran radio talk host John DePetro has left 1540 WADK airwaves here in Newport, RI. DePetro, who left the station on Thursday, said that his time in Newport is one he will look back on with great fondness. “The people at WADK were great and I hold them all in the highest regard. It was a pleasure working with Bob Angel and all of the wonderful people at the station,” DePetro said. “As for my departure; I found another situation that made more sense for different projects. It’s just a better situation and opportunity for me. I wish the people at WADK well.”

DePetro noted his Skype interaction with the White House press briefing as a highlight of his tenure at the station, noting that he was the first New England reporter granted such access.


John Depetro with White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer

DePetro says he’ll make an announcement regarding his future plans on at 8:00am Monday morning.