Rail Explorers, featuring pedal-powered rail bikes, will begin its Las Vegas operation in historic Boulder City, Nevada on Wednesday, January 10. The Rail Explorers Las Vegas Division is presented in conjunction with the Nevada Southern Railroad Museum.

“Rail Explorers Las Vegas offers an unforgettable scenic ride on custom built pedal-powered vehicles, on the rails that help build the Hoover Dam,” stated Rail Explorers CEO Mary Joy Lu. “Our eco-friendly business is all about rail bikes and how we can provide an amazing journey using existing railroad tracks,” she continued.

Available from January 10 through April, the tour takes approximately 2 hours. All riders enjoy free entry to the Nevada Southern Railroad Museum and a powered train ride back to the top of the hill.

The Explorer rail bikes have 4 steel wheels, hydraulic disc brakes, pedals for each seat, and are comfortable, fun and easy to ride. Although the rail explorers require pedaling, the magic of steel wheels on steel rails makes the experience very different from riding a regular bicycle. Tandem Rail Explorer (2 seats) or Quad Rail Explorer (4 seats) are available.

Tandem Explorer (up to 2 Riders) tours are priced at $85, Quad Explorer (up to 4 Riders): at $150 and a Single Rider: at $45. Groups of 10 or more receive a 10% discount.

Rail Explorers Las Vegas tours depart at: 10 amNoon2 & 4 pm WednesdayThursday and Friday. Tours depart on Saturday and Sunday at: 9:30 am,11 am1 pm & 2:30 pm.

All Rail Explorers Las Vegas tours begin at 601 Yucca Street, Boulder City, Nevada.  Group, private, team building, educational and special topic tours are available.

For tickets, gift cards and information, visit www.railexplorers.net or call 877-833-8588.

 About Rail Explorers:

 Rail Explorers is a company that is passionate about sharing the fun and adventure of riding the rails. They provide a unique way of experiencing the outdoors in a safe, relaxed and enjoyable way.

In 2018, Rail Explorers will operate in Rhode Island and The Catskills in addition to Rail Explorers Las Vegas.