via CBS Boston – An 8-year-old boy fighting an aggressive form of cancer is continuing his dream of becoming famous by going to the Patriots vs. Kansas City Chiefs playoff game on Saturday.

Dorian Murray from Westerly, R.I., has been in and out of hospitals for half his life undergoing treatment for a rare form of pediatric cancer. Recently, his family decided to stop treatment after learning the disease spread to his spine and is moving towards his brain.

Dorian told his father that his dying wish was to become famous. His dad decided to post about Dorian online using hashtag #Dstrong and Dorian’s fame took off.

What’s it like being famous? “It’s very, very, cool,” Dorian said.

Gronk Dstrong
You know sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in our own daily grind and forget about what’s truly important and just how lucky we all really are.

Go #Dstrong, go!

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