Ruggles Gets New Life!

Updated: April 9, 2013
Save Ruggles Newport RI

Ruggles Saved – Round One!

Newport, RI: UPDATE  - Friday, April 12, 2013

From Sid Abruzzi of Waterbrothers “We just got back from City Hall meeting with Department of Transportation. Plan A, including armor stones and temporary jetties, is officially out. Regaurding Plan B we are confident the new proposal will not effect the Ruggles surf break. Victory is yours and ours.

The RI Coastal Resources Management Council has DISAPPROVED the RI Department of Transportation’s plans to make repairs to sections of Newport’s Cliff Walk that suffered damage during Hurricane Sandy!!!!

This is a big win for our surfing community.

Previous plans would have devastated Ruggles which is known as one of the best big wave breaks in the country.

Sources indicate that all temporary causeways and armor stone must be removed from the scope of repair project.