Mike Smith, Independent Candidate for House District 75 State Representative, is calling for incumbent freshman Representative Lauren Carson to immediately return all donations received from lobbyists – including from the casino lobby.

“I find it almost incomprehensible that during a time when Rhode Islanders are still infuriated about the pay to play ethical lapses which gave us Gordon Fox and 38 Studios, Lauren Carson would think it acceptable to solicit and accept campaign donations from at least a dozen powerful statehouse lobbyists,” Stated Smith.

“However, when you combine the fact that Carson votes 99.2% of the time with the Speaker, including to kill the proposal that would’ve appointed a 38 Studios Independent Prosecutor, and her being gifted campaign donations from the state’s most powerful lobbyists, you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to connect the dots. It’s the ‘You play; our lobbyists pay’ game that is destroying our state, our economy and our children’s futures,” declared Smith.

“While Carson has only been in office for two years, she already has become a willing participant in the system. She can’t profess to be a reformer that “Puts Newport First” and “Holds Elected Officials Accountable” when she does the Speaker’s bidding and gets fat campaign contributions for it! What makes it even more absurd is that some of the money is from the casino lobby – when she campaigned against casinos two years ago,” exclaimed Smith!

“I’ve made the choice to refuse lobbyist donations because I’m not going to Smith Hill to represent the status quo – I’m going so the People of District 75 have a strong and independent voice. Carson should make the same commitment and immediately return all the lobbyists’ money,” challenged Smith. Smith continued: “Based upon her actions after only one term on the job, Ms. Carson has either sold out her constituents or she is utterly clueless as to what constitutes proper and ethical behavior for a member of the House of Representatives. Either of which is grounds for swift and immediate termination come November 8th.”

In conclusion Smith stated: “After seeing the voters throw out many of the worst political insiders during the primary I predicted the ‘empire of the status quo is crumbling.’ The voters of District 75 have the opportunity to knock another brick out of the wall and remove Lauren Carson from public office this November.”