Son Volt is coming back to Newport to play their legendary album Trace at the 2020 Newport Folk Festival.

Led by vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter Jay Farrar, Son Volt became one of the leading bands in the alternative country community, attracting critical praise and an audience that was loyal if not always large. Dominated by Farrar’s commanding and resonant vocals, his Neil Young-influenced lead guitar work, and a lyrical and melodic palette that took a rueful look at the changing American landscape, Son Volt made a striking debut with 1995’s Trace, whose patchwork of contemplative quiet numbers and anthemic rockers would set the template for the group’s best work.

One of the most influential bands of their generation, Son Volt continue to inspire while creating vital and relevant music that will surely stand the test of time. They just released their ninth studio album, Union (Transmit Sound/Thirty Tigers). The new album showcases the depth of band founder Jay Farrar’s intelligent songwriting as he stretches out on the thirteen songs by confronting our current political climate with keen observations and pointed commentary. Farrar reminds of the comfort and clarity that music can bring while also drawing attention to the growing societal issues in front of us.

Additional artists for the sold-out Newport Folk Festival will be announced in the coming weeks and months. 



Son Volt Newport Folk Festival 2020