The Newport Phrasebook

Updated: September 13, 2013
Newport Bridge Newport RI

What did they mean by THAT?

Due to the quirky nature of Newport, Rhode Island’s lovely seaside community, people here say many things that sound to the layman like one thing, but they actually mean something else entirely. Here is a sampling of phrases you might hear around town, along with what they actually mean:


When Someone In Newport Says: They Mean:
Let’s get a drink. Let’s get thirteen.
Let’s go to Bridges. Let’s go to Bridge Liquors
I can’t go out, I’m broke. If you’re buying.
What a lousy tipper! Only 15%?!?!?!
I “met” a venture capitalist last night! I don’t know what a venture capital is, but talking about money will get you into my pants.
I’m a Navy SEAL, but I don’t know who       Mother Moy is. I’m not.
What’s your cheapest beer? I’m going start a fight in about 10 minutes.
ID? Here’s my passport. This DUI stuff is a bitch.
I guess she’s alright. She’s out of my league.
Let’s go to Rhino Bar. I’ve spent the last 5 years at the ACI…and I want to go back.
We’ll be getting dinner at the Clarke Cooke House. I have means.
We’re staying at 41 North. I have serious means.
Can I have a Fuzzy Navel? I’m 19.
I’ll have a Long Island Iced Tea. I want to wake up with regrets.
Would you like to come on my yacht? Would you like to come on my (friend/boss/dad)’s yacht?
Don’t you know who the f&*k I am?!?! I’m a Kennedy.
Call the limo! We’re a bachelorette party.
Do you have room for my four Rolls-Royces? Do you have room for my four Rolls-Royces?

This list is by no means exhaustive.
- Buzz Staff