Uber has launched a new safety feature to improve passenger safety and help ensure that riders get into the right vehicles. The PIN verification feature makes sure you’re getting into the right car with the right driver. You can choose to opt in to this feature for added peace of mind on every ride.

How to opt in:
1. Update your Uber app to the latest version.
2. Open the app, go to Settings, and tap Verify your rides.
3. Tap to toggle on Use PIN to verify rides and then select Every ride or Only at night.
4. Tap Done.

How to use PIN:
After opting in, you’ll receive a unique 4-digit PIN whenever you request a ride. Before entering your driver’s vehicle, tell them your PIN; if they are the driver the app matched you with, they’ll be able to start the trip after they enter your PIN into their app.

You can also verify that you’re getting into the right car by making sure that the driver matches their profile photo and that the license plate number and car make and model match what’s shown in your app.

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