Water Brothers will close its retail location at 39 1/2 Memorial Blvd. on May 28th 2016 to focus on signature apparel, and Water Brothers branded events.

Statement by owner, Sid Abbruzzi:

“Water Brothers cannot grow without this change. We are very grateful to be recognized for our dedication to surf and skate, and most of all, thankful to our generous loyal customers who support us around the world. Even with limited resources, we continue to make an impact through our outreach events and have enormous success selling our signature brand. It’s a tuff decision to close the shop. This is the last thing we wanted to do. Everyone loves the shop. But in a progressive industry like ours, without giant capital, our biggest challenge is remaining stocked with hard goods and items associated with today’s marketplace. So with that, we realize it is time for us to fully take our place as a brand and shift our focus to what we do best.

We plan to fully expand our signature apparel, wetsuits, surfboards, and we’ll be adding a lineup of Water Brothers branded events to our calendar. Including Surf Fest VI next summer on July 8th, which will be our biggest event to date. This is what we love to do, bringing the surf and skate community together, and everyone having a great time.

It’s been a great run, I can’t thank everyone enough for every single day all of us have had at the shop. Looking forward to what’s ahead. OWB4LIFE”

Updates will be posted on waterbrothers social media and originalwaterbrothers.com

For more information contact: originalwaterbrothers@gmail.com

Water Brothers will be open Wednesday thru Sunday 9am – 5pm until Saturday, May 28th