Ladies and gentlemen, our good  friend Simon Rankin from Newport-on-Tay, Scotland, has done it again. This year’s Christmas song is an absolute certified banger!

For those of you who’ve been reading Newport Buzz for a while, this Christmas tradition needs no introduction. For our new readers, here’s a primer.

A couple of years back we discovered the voice of an angel and the talent of a generation.

In 2017, Simon dropped this certified fire jam that if you’d don’t like, well then you don’t like Christmas.

A Christmas Song From Our Friends In Newport, Scotland!


And here’s what I said about his 2018 song:

“There’s really nothing to even compare it to, it goes way beyond Dylan’s basement recordings or any other body of work that I can think of. You start off hearing this noise then eventually you hear The Beatles, you hear the whole symphony.

This is Simon Rankin’s Sgt. Pepper’s!”

This Christmas Song From Our Friends In Newport, Scotland Just Might Be The Greatest Ever!


And now for 2019, I’m just speechless. The beauty of the rap, the flow of the rhymes and the stylings of his lyrical poetry are unmatched in modern times. We should all take a moment to thank the Lord above that we’re on the earth at the same time as this modern day Mozart of the Millenium!

So without any further ado we present “Newport-on-Tay: A Place To Be Christmas Rap 2019”


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!



A note to our friends from Newport-on-Tay for when they come visit Newport, RI.

Here are our Newport tips:

Where to stay:

If you’re visiting Newport, book your stay at Gurneys Newport Resort & Marina, they are hands down the nicest hotel in Newport and their seaside location on Goat Island with 360° water views and the seclusion of a private island is just a jaunt from the shops and eateries of downtown Newport.

Don’t miss the chance to ice skate at Gurney’s outdoor rink over looking Narragansett Bay and the Newport Bridge. 


If you’re looking for some great spots to dine, we recommend hitting up local favorites such as ,LaForge Casino Restaurant (piano bar every Friday and Saturday night), ScarpettaThe Reef and Tavern on Broadway!


The party never stops at Gurney’sThe ReefTavern on Broadway, LaForge and the Clarke Cooke House are the goto spots for locals all year round

Don’t miss:

No trip to Newport is complete without a trip to the Audrain Automobile Museum. The Audrain Automobile Museum has a mission to preserve and present automotive history while connecting and engaging with other non-profits and the community as a whole. Established in 2014, the Museum transformed the historic Audrain Building into a captivating display floor, fit specifically for our cultural needs. The Museum has access to collections with of over 200 cars, allowing for three fresh and unique exhibits per year. Ranging from Brass Era pre-War cars to Supercars of the 2000s, the Museum is dedicated to entertaining all generations and stylistic preferences.

Taste the flavor:

Swing by the Newport Craft Brewing & Distilling Co. and sample some of their award winning creations.

Founded in 1999 by four college friends, Newport Storm Brewery was the original production craft brewery in Rhode Island. They created more than 100 distinctive beers while keeping things local and authentic. From their flagship Hurricane Amber Ale to seasonal brews made with Rhode Island grown ingredients, to beers aged in rum barrels, the brewery has been in the vanguard of craft brewing for nearly 20 years.

In 2006 the crew began distilling craft spirits. They were the first distillery in Rhode Island in 135 years and currently produce whiskey, a single barrel rum, and an overproof white rum.

Dress for success:

Newport’s former First Lady Deborah Winthrop owns the premier women’s boutique on Aquidneck Island with hip and chic clothing, bra sized swimwear and a the largest selection of lingerie around. Deborah and her staff are all expert bra fitters. The right bra will make you look and feel 10 years younger and 10lbs lighter!! Swing by and see for yourself.


If you’re looking for the best pizza in Newport, RI, look no further than Karma Pizza. This Thames Street pizza place has the best pizza and the best wings in town. Free delivery.


Newport-on-Tay is a small town in the north-east of Fife in Scotland, acting as a commuter suburb for Dundee. The Fife Coastal Path passes through Newport-on-Tay. The area itself is surrounded by views of the two bridges that cross the River Tay and distant views of the Scottish Highlands.

The town was established near the endpoint of one part of a ferry route that itself was started in the 12th century.

In 1715 a new pier and inn were built, the work being funded by the Guilds of Dundee which resulted in the settlement being called “New Dundee”. Thomas Telford built a new harbour in the 1820s, and the town expanded and grew into a commuter suburb of Dundee as the prosperous jute manufacturers, industrialists and the middle and upper working class of Dundee established fashionable residences in Newport.

Newport currently has a population of about eight thousand, mostly residing in stone houses built before World War II. The town centre comprises two main streets where may be found a small variety of shops and two public houses. The town has one primary school, Newport Primary, with older pupils attending secondary school in St Andrews, in Cupar, or at the nearest independent school, the High School of Dundee.