Newport on tay Christmas Single

A Christmas Song From Our Friends In Newport, Scotland!

A gift from Simon Rankin and our friends from Newport-on-Tay, Scotland!


If you don’t love this song, then you don’t love Christmas. It’s that simple! And if we don’t have a sister city program with these guys in the next couple of months, then it should be considered the greatest failure of the city administration ever!

Newport On Tay Scotland

tell me these dudes don’t party!


newport on tay

Well hello, ladies. Certified smokes!



Newport-on-Tay is a small town in the north-east of Fife in Scotland, acting as a commuter suburb for Dundee. The Fife Coastal Path passes through Newport-on-Tay. The area itself is surrounded by views of the two bridges that cross the River Tay and distant views of the Scottish Highlands.

The town was established near the endpoint of one part of a ferry route that itself was started in the 12th century.

In 1715 a new pier and inn were built, the work being funded by the Guilds of Dundee which resulted in the settlement being called “New Dundee”. Thomas Telford built a new harbour in the 1820s, and the town expanded and grew into a commuter suburb of Dundee as the prosperous jute manufacturers, industrialists and the middle and upper working class of Dundee established fashionable residences in Newport.

Newport currently has a population of about eight thousand, mostly residing in stone houses built before World War II. The town centre comprises two main streets where may be found a small variety of shops and two public houses. The town has one primary school, Newport Primary, with older pupils attending secondary school in St Andrews, in Cupar, or at the nearest independent school, the High School of Dundee.

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