Our favorite local surfboard company, Tora Surfboards, has an innovative new challenge aimed to promote scholastic excellence.

Tora has announced that any student who earns all A’s on their report card will receive $100 off any custom board order at the end of the Fall Semester and a Tora care package.

Tora Surf Straight A Challenge


Tora Surf Newport RI

The age cut off is college freshmen.

So groms, who’s up for a challenge?

Neil Tora


About Tora Surfboards:

Tora Surfboards, Apple, The Ramones and crystal meth…You’re probably wondering what these things have in common. They’re all awesome (just kidding about the meth, that stuff will kill ya) and they all started in a garage. Even today shaper, Neil Tora, still operates out of his garage space in Newport, Rhode Island.

It all started when Tora, a handyman/surfer, decided to give shaping a shot for a high school project. From there he developed an obsession for shaping and surfboard design. Years later, Tora Surfboards is a company dedicated to producing high performance surfboards, apparel and supporting those with a passion for life.

The Tora brand and board designs have been built off constant refinement from riders and Neil’s own experiences. Every board is shaped and glassed by hand in Rhode Island, each one given the same passion and attention to detail. Every t-shirt is hand sewn by Tora himself to ensure that every ounce of love and sweat literally drips into the seams. Ok, that’s a lie, Tora can do a lot of things but we leave the sewing to the pros. You get our point about the passion that lies behind bringing the best products to the table. So if you’re not riding a Tora then get on board. Just kidding, Tora Surfboards is against terrible puns and you should be too.

Tora Surfboards – Since Whenever ‘Til Forever.