So, do you remember a couple of weeks ago when federal court sketch Jane Rosenberg absolutely massacred the most beautiful man with her sketch and the world learned that she was worse at her job than anyone in history? (Except for Roger Goodell but that should go without saying)

I mean just look at this! Who is that the Elephant Man because it’s certainly not Tom Brady. No way!!!

Tom Brady Court Meme

And then the internet had a ton of fun and created a bunch of great memes.  Check em out here.  Trust me, they’re funny!

Well guess what, she’s back at it and today she’s displaying it on the front steps of the court house like it just got accepted to The Louvre!

Brady Court Sketch

How can one person be so bad at their job??? That’s not Tom Brady, best looking man in the history of the world, that’s Lurch!

It’s mind bottling!!!!


Wondering what Bill Belichick has to say about this?

Do your job Bill Belichick

and do it well!