A new public opinion survey by Brown University’s Taubman Center for American Politics and Policy finds that a majority of Rhode Islanders, 55 percent, support passing a law to regulate and tax the use of marijuana for recreational use, similarly to how alcohol is taxed and regulated. Voters 44 and younger strongly supported this change, at 72 percent, with voters 65 and older split — 43 percent approve and 42 oppose.

A strong majority of Rhode Island voters, 67 percent, support the state’s current law allowing the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

Q – The use of medical marijuana is currently legal in the state of Rhode Island. Do you support or oppose this policy?

Strongly Support 22%, Support 45%, Neutral 6%, Oppose 16%, Strongly oppose 10%, Refuse/Don’t know 2%

Q – Thinking beyond medical marijuana, do you support or oppose changing the law in Rhode Island to regulate and tax the use of marijuana, similarly to alcohol?

Strongly support 21%, Support 34%, Neutral 4%, Oppose 24%, Strongly oppose 12%, Refuse/Don’t know 5%

Q – As a follow up to the previous question, have you ever tried marijuana?

Yes 41%, No 55%, Don’t know 1%, Refuse 3%

Q – If yes, how long has it been since you last used marijuana?

(N = 348) Past 30 days 12%, Between 30 days and 12 months 4%, More than 12 months ago 54%, Don’t know 16%, Refuse 15%