Boston Bomber Sentenced To Death – Here’s What Heather Abbott Said To Him


Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the scumbag, coward, punk Boston Marathon bomber, was sentenced to death today!

Newporter Heather Abbott, who lost her left leg below the knee, had this to say:


“I would like Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to know that he did not break me.”

“I need five different prosthetics to come close to the life I used to have.”

“I will forever carry the label of the woman who lost her leg in the Boston Marathon bombing. . . . What he did can’t be changed. But he will never be able to harm anyone else. That’s what matters to me.”

“I didn’t care much about Tsarnaev, whether he died in prison or by lethal injection, as long as he can’t hurt anyone else.”

God bless you, Heather! Keep on shining bright!

Here’s what I have to say “Fuck this guy! He deserves to be put down like a rabid animal, plain and simple. I hope the rest of his life is miserable and intolerable and his death is painful. Good riddance!”

photo via – Yahoo News