What happens when the trillionaire class is threatened? They attack the billionaire class. And you’re seeing it unfold in America’s new reality TV show, “Election Year 2016”.

To actually see a career politician like Bernie Sanders attack some of the largest taxpayers in America is rather humorous considering the following:

– Bernie Sanders has been on the taxpayer payroll his entire life, one way or another, always taking, pointing fingers and NEVER contributing, not a penny. That makes him a mooch. Plain and simple.

– He spends millions and millions of dollars a year of money he didn’t earn, other people’s money, on his army of Aids, Assistants, unlimited travel, multiple offices, re-election efforts, favors and reimbursements. He’s been doing this for 25 years, to the tune of over tens of million dollars.

– He’s taken bribes from non-constituents, with no business in Vermont, and sponsored legislation on their behalf (i.e. Hollywood / Sopa-Pipa… AKA censoring the internet on behalf of Hollywood), for hundreds of thousands of dollars, in the name of campaign donations. (p.s. they all do this)

– He has controlled and voted for bills, budgets, legislation and ears marks totaling in the tens of trillions of dollars.

– He has overseen and voted for budgets that have created the mother of all bubbles, the US sovereign debt bubble, wracking up 20 trillion dollars in debt, soaring from 2 trillion when he entered office in 1990. All of which must be paid back by either our children or by a possible US Default, which would trigger a global recession on the scale we’ve never seen.

– He has voted for and supported the looting of the Social Security Trust Fund, draining all the retiree’s savings and replacing it with I.O.U’s creating the world’s largest ponzi scheme.

– He’s openly buying votes from un-suspecting children by offering them free stuff, call it candy, (he calls it free college), that they themselves will have to pay back. See debt above. How ironic?

– He hails from a state, that Steve Forbes kindly refers to as the “Red Mountain State” where to call their economy “stagnant” would be a generosity on the lines of calling Rosie O’Donnell a swim suit model.

– He has voted for and supported the campaign finance laws (McCain Feingold) that brought us the campaign finance laws he’s running against (Citizens United). Make no mistake ladies and gentleman, the only way to rationalize a body of people, the US Congress, who on a good day have a 25% approval rating, yet 90+ percent of them get re-elected, is that they have the system rigged, having written the rules.

– He’s engaged it the practice of promoting and cultivating “envy” known as one of the seven deadly sins.

The list could go on and on like a Donald Trump Speech; make no mistake ladies and gentleman, the US Senate IS the trillionaire club and ladies and gentleman playing around with and controlling that kind money is the essence of power. And when that power is threatened, like it is now, with voter anger at an all time high, hell hath no fury like a desperate politician. Therefore he’s attacking the only people who have a chance to expose him…

From behind enemy lines…