Brady took to the airwaves Monday to discuss his injured throwing hand. On WEEI’s Kirk & Callahan Show, Brady went into a bit of detail as to what he was thinking when the injury occurred and how it happened. 

“We ran into each other, and my thumb just got bent back,” Brady said. “It wasn’t his helmet or anything. It just kind of got bent back, and that’s why I thought it was a lot worse. The doctors checked it out and we did the things just to kind of check on everything. Fortunately there wasn’t the damage that normally comes associated with that. I think we were very lucky.”

“Because I was fortunate not to tear any ligaments or anything like that, there was no broken bones, that was obviously the best news I could ever hear based on what you thought it could be,” he said. “It ended up being a lot of good luck after, I’d say, a pretty unlucky injury. It turned out to be a lot good luck it wasn’t more serious than it was.”

Brady was asked about the exact number of stitches, which he clarified.

“I think it was 12, but it was just a really good cut,” Brady said. “Yeah, it was just a really good cut.”

Brady hopes to have the stitches out later this week.

TWELVE stitches??? Everyone thought it was only four! Thank GOD we two weeks till the Super Bowl. We’re going to need both Brady and Gronk to be healthy!