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9/11 – Remembering Michael Gould, Rogers High School Class of 1990

painting by Peter Max

As we sadly mark the 21st anniversary of September 11, the Rogers High School and Newport community remembers Michael E. Gould.

Mike was a Newport resident and member of the Rogers High School Class of 1990. Mike played baseball and tennis, and loved to surf and ski. Mike had a great love for his family, and he had many friends who enjoyed his sense of humor, generosity of spirit, and kindness.

Mike went on to graduate from Villanova University and would eventually fulfill his dream of working in business. Mike worked for Cantor Fitzgerald as a securities trader and was killed in the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center.

So many were affected by this great loss, and the Rogers High School community will never forget him. The Michael E. Gould Scholarship was created in 2002 with the hope that every graduating senior would hear Mike’s name spoken out loud, and honor his memory.

Those who would like to contribute to this scholarship please send donations to:

Rogers High School Alumni Association:
Michael E. Gould Scholarship
15 Wickham Road
Newport, RI 02840.


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Mike Gould RHS 90


(Bruce Oliver, Mike Gould, Adam Conheeny, Scott Barnas, Jim Cawley)

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Michael E. Gould loved little children, guitars, beautiful women, fast cars and Mountain Dew. He had them all, almost. “You opened his refrigerator, and there would always be Mountain Dew and leftover pizza,” said Jeff Anderson, his stepfather of 21 years.

Mr. Gould, 5-foot-11 and 260 pounds of muscle ‹ he was an avid body builder ‹ traded equities for the San Francisco branch of Cantor Fitzgerald until last June, when he was transferred to New York. On the West Coast, he roamed highways with his girlfriend, Vanessa Mills, in his silver BMW M5, which was fast “like a rocket ship,” Mr. Anderson said.

In his solitary moments, Mr. Gould played guitar; Les Paul was his hero. He had no children of his own, but he was waiting to produce some. In the meantime, he snuggled with the kids of Ms. Mills’s friends.

“But despite his strong, macho appearance, he called me every day,” said Kathie Anderson, Mr. Gould’s mother. “We just had a special connection. He confided in me everything, sometimes even more than I want to know.”

via NY Times 11/12/01

Rest in peace, old friend…

Michael Gould 911


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