Christian Winthrop

Can we talk about how 19% of my followers called me fat?

So if it wasn’t bad enough that LeBron James ripped the heart out of Celtics Nation last night, now I have to deal with this.

19% of my followers called me fat last night! I know, I know, 81% told me to kill myself but that I can live with. Calling me fat? That’s gonna be tough to come back from.

Christian Winthrop

Here I am posting a simple joke from a party I was at. (Shout out to the Hinckley compound!) Figuring that everyone would tell me to kill myself but no, around 300 of you called me fat. What sad days we live in , indeed.

Time to go on a diet!

PS – Huge shoutout to 25 year-old Christian who wasn’t fat.


Christian William Winthrop
Should have been in a boy band!

Time is quite the fickle mistress, indeed!

PPS – If I was smart, I’d just work out with BullFrog FIT and then you’d all just tell me to jump off the bridge. But I digress…

Oh also, The Ravers are playing Gurney’s today at 5pm. See you there!