Newport RI

February 2021 was a record month for Newport Buzz!

In February 2021, Newport Buzz once again dominated the media market in Newport.

We saw enormous social media reach and engagement, and we received a record number of visitors to our website.

This graphic from Facebook insights shows that we reached 1.24 million people for the month of February with 1.38 million engagements on our posts.  “Engagements” refers the number of times people engaged with our posts through reactions, comments, shares and clicks.


Here’s a sample weekly social media engagement comparison for all of the Newport based media companies. As always, we’re light years ahead of the competition.


February 2021 also brought a record number of “Unique Visitors” to our website, surpassing 300,000 for the first time in our 10 year history.

“Unique Visitors” refers to the actual number of people who visited our website at least once in February — this number does not increase if a previous visitor returns multiple times.


The game has changed and we have the largest audience in Newport. It’s not even up for question. It’s just fact.


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