Newport Buzz Awards 2021

VOTE NOW! Best of Newport Buzz Awards 2021

The nominations have been tallied and we’re on to the final round of voting for the Best of Newport Buzz Awards 2021.

After spending the majority of the last decade as the dominate media outlet in Newport, with the largest and most engaged audience, we felt it was time to harness your voices and your power to crown the Best of Newport County Newport Buzz Awards.

Make your voice heard! Voting is now open for the 2021 Newport Buzz Awards!!!

To cast your votes, simply fill in your name and email address, and complete the survey. You don’t need to vote in every category, but you must press the submit button on the last page of the ballot for your votes to be recorded. .

Ballots must be submitted by 11:45pm EST on June 30, 2021.

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*Newport Buzz reserves the right to disqualify any businesses or individuals involved in voter fraud.

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