Sid has been a beloved fixture in Northeastern surfing history since the 60’s, to many the Godfather of Rhode Island surfing. He’s been featured in numerous magazines and is known as a solidifying factor amongst the Northeastern surf community. Sid owned Water Brothers Surf Shop for many years and was involved in legalizing surfing for many of the most famous Newport RI surf spots in the early 70’s. Sure Sid is a rebel, but he is a legendary rebel with Surf-God like status in Rhode Island and beyond. He has made a deep impact and is a unifying factor amongst surfers on the EC, WC, and South Africa. More recently Sid spearheaded and won the fight to save the Ruggles Avenue surf break from the hands of harbor developers in Newport, RI. This monstrous project would have certainly destroyed one of the east coasts most epic break without the efforts of Sid. And further, never one to miss a chance of sharing the stoke, Sid’s latest project Surf Fest, is a mid summer extravaganza which brings all of the New England surf community together for a day of classic surfboards, skateboards and surf culture. The largest expo of it’s kind in the country it perfectly blends with the camaraderie of this unique community. Still a hard core surfer today Sid has been a proponent of the sport since he was a kid; and with a total revamp of Waterbrothers in the offing, Sids influence will continue for many years to come.

The induction ceremony will take place at Surf Expo in January 2016.

Congrats Sid!

#OWB for life!!!!