Mindy Kay Davis

Mindy Kay Davis Joins BullFrog FIT As A Certified Personal Trainer

Meet Mindy Kay Davis

Ace Certified Personal Trainer
Specializing in:

?Senior Fitness Specialist
?Running Coach
?Outdoor Park workouts
?Beach Bootcamp Classes
?1 on 1 Personal Training
?In Home Training
?Small or Large Group Training

Originally from Tampa, Florida, Mindy’s fitness journey began in 2008 at 220lbs! She has lost 85lbs and has kept it off with an active lifestyle and clean healthy eating.

Whether you are trying to lose weight, lean out, Gain muscle, strength and/or endurance, Mindy’s way of training will get it done! She will tailor a fitness program specific to your individual goal.

Mindy will be running most of BullFrogFIT’s outdoor FIT boot camps and beach workouts during the upcoming season!

To ‪#‎GETFIT‬ with Mindy, contact her directly at: (401) 924-4806

She can also be reached through the BlueFrogFIT Facebook page or through their website at: