Mia Tarducci

Newport native Mia Tarducci is taking the art world by storm!

Newport born artist Mia Tarducci is taking the art world by storm and she’s playing by her own rules! In 2008, Mia, single mother of four, struck out on a path to disrupt the art world and within a year’s time her work was hanging in the Carnegie Museum of Art where she has shown three times in the last decade.

Mia Tarducci Carnegie Museum of Art
Floor Details, oil on linen, 2016. This award winning series was inspired by paint droppings on the artists studio floor.

In just one decade, Mia, a 1993 graduate of Rogers High School and a 1997 graduate of Georgetown University, has risen from complete obscurity to international acclaim with works hanging in private and corporate collections all over the world.

This 7′ x 24′ work now lives in the Palm Beach home of a billionaire NFL owner.

Mia Tarducci Artist Newport RI

Mia Tarducci Artist Pittsburgh
The piece is so massive that Mia’s team had to cut a nine foot hole in her 2nd floor studio wall to deliver the painting to her client.

Mia’s “Spectrum Benches”, originally designed for her 2014 Emerging Artist of the Year exhibition, are available through custom orders at Monmade, Pittsburgh’s Innovative Craft Accelerator.

Mia Tarducci Spectrum Benches
“Creating work is like breathing – it’s a necessary and fundamental part of who I am. My original work drives my practice, and am excited to design distinctive new interpretations of my art in furniture and lighting.”
Mia Tarducci Emerging Artist of the Year
Detail of “The Ride” – This piece was over 62 feet long and ran the expanse of four walls on 12 individual panels.

However not all of her work is that big, so don’t distress if you don’t have a 30 foot wall. Mia works directly with clients to create unique pieces of art and to accommodate their size needs. 

Mia Tarducci Artist Private CollectionMia Tarducci Art Mia Tarducci Painting

Even I have one!

“When I see a sliver of light coming from a door or window of opportunity, I tend to kick it open. I’m going to keep doing that and see where it takes me.” – Mia Tarducci

Mia Tarducci Artist Mic Drop

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Thank you @julieanne514 for the amazing studio photos! This is just one:)

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Mia Tarducci can be reached at https://miatarducci.com

– Christian Winthrop


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