Pornhub’s statisticians weren’t able to predict who each state voted for, but they were able to share what each state was searching for during election week!

The top relative search is the term that was more often searched in each state when compared to all other states. It’s a snap-shot of what was truly in the hearts and on the minds of everyday Americans while they waited to find out who their next president will be.

Rhode Island’s relative top search? Pegging!!!

If you don’t know what that is, do yourself a favor and don’t google it.

Some other curiosities included the relative popularity of “succubus” in Oregon, “tushy” in Colorado (how cute!), “tickling” in Georgia, “yoga pants” in Iowa, “wedgie” in Connecticut and “accidental creampie” in Missouri.

Fans of mature porn were searching “granny” in Tennessee but nearby South Carolina preferred “grandma” and Ohio liked “cougar” porn. Hawaiians were searching “808” (the local area code), Louisiana had a craving for “popeyes”, Utah was checking out some wholesome “Mormon” porn while Texas was spicing things up with “sexmex”.

A few of the terms were even election related. There’s no doubt that Florida was big into “Trump”, Delaware was searching for “election” and in D.C. people were more likely to search for “vote” than any other state.

Video games are always a popular search on Pornhub, with New Mexico distracting themselves with “Fortnite” and Kentucky searching for “Among Us”.

Bigly things, really huuuuuge, massive results were happening in several states like “fat ass” searches in Pennsylvania, “BBW” in West Virginia, “chubby” in Kansas and “big booty” in Alabama.

Oh, and Mississippi, we hope you found what you were looking for when you searched “pron” more than any other state.