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The Unspeakable Podcast: Episode 1 – The University of Idaho Murders – Why did it take so long for 911 to be called?

Editor’s note: This is a new podcast series from our friends Alexandra Bunting and Savannah O’Connell, two lifelong Newport summer residents, best friends, and true crime junkies.

The unanswered questions and mysterious happenings around the University of Idaho Murders make the case of four slain college students a media and internet sleuth sensation. Alexandra and Savannah draw on their visit to Moscow, ID and the 1122 King Rd house, their own experiences living off-campus, and their incessant research to try to answer the most unexplainable question that looms over the murders: If one of the surviving roomates came face-to-face with the killer as he was leaving, why was there a 7.5 hour gap between the murders taking place and when 911 was called?



Alexandra Bunting and Savannah O’Connell may not be Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporters, but they did go to college where they lived in houses similar to 1122 King Road – the off-campus house in Moscow, ID that became famous after four college students were murdered there in November 2022. Despite lacking any investigative experience, their ability to identify and empathize with the victims using common sense sleuthing makes The Unspeakable an incredibly relatable and revelatory podcast series. What they find is shocking and unexpected as each episode of The Unspeakable takes listeners on a twisted journey, unpacking conspiracy theories, brutal crime scenes and daring to speak on the enigma of an unspeakable horror.

Every week full episodes drop with bone-chilling details as our intrepid reporters try to piece together the mystery of what happened inside 1122 King Road.

Produced by Sweven Studios in Hoboken, NJ, this gripping podcast series will leave you wanting more! This podcast is produced by Sweven Studios in Hoboken, NJ. https://www.swevenhoboken.com/  Podcast Producers Joseph Castelo & Nicole Marquez Intro/Outro Music composed by Elijah Duncan of North Corner Music Group.

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