by Dave Rogers

On the Syrian refugee situation.. it occurs to me the White House could clear this up pretty quickly, or at a minimum make a compelling argument for letting refugees into the various states which are resisting their arrival.

The administration is looking to re-settle 10,000 Syrian refugees (15? I have heard different numbers) and are giving assurance that they will all be ‘vetted’ for security concerns. OK, good plan…

…except that there is a level of disbelief among various governors (and citizens) about the federal government’s ability to do this thoroughly and accurately based upon:

– lack of trust in bureaucracy in general
– suspicion of the administration (pro-immigration agenda overall)
– simply the practicality of assessing potential immigrants who come from a place where no records have ever been kept.

…or maybe something else. Regardless of the reason, it is the vetting process, and belief in it that lies at the heart of this issue.

The administration also says that 2,000 refugees from Syria are already here, having arrived here earlier this year. (1,879 is the actual number I have heard). So let’s make this easy. Were they ‘vetted’? If so how many were denied entry? Surely among 2,000 potential new Americans there had to be -someone- who was at least sketchy, right? 1%? 2%?

The point is that if this vetting process which the administration is assuring those respective states governors (and the American people) is as perfect a national security screening method as we are being asked to believe, then shouldn’t they tell us that it has been operating for some time? That it has already proven effective? That is hasn’t just been cobbled together since the events of last Friday night?

Give us a number, and since these are bad guys were are talking about that were denied entry or detained, give us the names too.

If you want us to have faith that you are on top of this thing, show us that you have been all along.

About the author: Dave Rogers is a combat decorated former U.S. Navy SEAL and a two time candidate for United States Congress in 2002 and 2004. Dave now hosts the Open Forum on 1540 WADK and works as a consultant to the defense industry.