Betsy Wall, the Rhode Island Tourism Chief and architect of the failed “Cooler and Warmer” debacle will receive a severance package from the Rhode Island taxpayers according to The Providence Journal.

The document Wall signed said she would receive 13 bi-weekly installments of her weekly wages in effect as of her resignation date.

Those payments will be given to Wall once every two weeks, to cover two weeks’ worth of salary, and they will equal approximately $67,500, Commerce Corporation spokeswoman Kayla Rosen said in an interview Wednesday.

That severance will be in addition to $39,173.32 that Wall had already been paid for her work through April 1, which was her last day of work for the state, Rosen said. What Wall has been paid thus far was included in a written reply from the Commerce Corporation to The Journal’s queries about Wall’s salary and payments.

Is this real life??? Where else in the world but Rhode Island can you launch a pr campaign that becomes an international embarrassment, blow $1.5 million on out-of-state vendors and then get a $67,500 reward on the back end?

For the record, the media household income in Rhode Island (as of 2013) is $56,000.

This is absolute banana land!