Emily Levy PICC

Local College Student Wins RI Business Plan Competition And $46,650 In Prizes

Emily Levy, of Newport, a Babson College senior studying technology, entrepreneurship, and design, who has developed PICCPerfect, a functional accessory that enables chronically ill patients to manage peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) lines to avoid dislodging lines and preventing irritation or infection, was one of seven winners in the 2016 RI Business Plan Competition. PICCPerfect was awarded $15,000 in cash and $31,650 in professional and consulting services. The company is already manufacturing in Rhode Island the first of a projected line of products.

Emily’s been battling Severe Chronic Lyme Disease since 2007. And she had a PICC line in her arm for six months to deliver IV medications to fight her Lyme disease.

During that time, the nurses told Emily she had to protect her PICC line and the best way to do it was to cut up a sock.

Emily thought there had to be a better way so she decided to make a difference in the lives of the 6 million other PICC line patients.

She and her team created PICCPerfect, the only PICC line protector where form and fashion meet on equal ground.

Today, PICC line patients have become evangelists for PICCPerfect.  Nicole Mazitelli of Sewell, said,  “I’m doing an infusion right now as we speak. When it’s over, which is any minute, I’ll put my black PICCPerfect sleeve on. It’s convenient. It doesn’t get all scroungy like the hospital mesh ones. It was a great idea. I truly love it.”

So what makes PICCPerfect different? Nurses might say it’s the antimicrobial, moisture wicking fabric.  Patients love the colors and patterns. But the biggest difference is PICCPerfect wasn’t created by a corporation looking to make a profit. It was invented by a patient named Emily who was looking to make a difference.

The Rhode Island Business Plan Competition aims to create and foster growth companies in Rhode Island that will increase local employment.

Established in 2000, the Rhode Island Business Plan Competition — supported by private businesses, investors, foundations, colleges and universities, public entities, and nonprofit organizations — today is the leading community-supported business plan competition in the Northeast.

The Competition encourages plans for new businesses, as well as from early stage companies. An early stage, or seed stage, company typically is at the inventor stage where there is an idea, a concept, or even a product, but little or no income has been generated yet.

The rest of the winners can be found at the RI Business Plan Competition website.