Rhode Island State Representative Karen MacBeth, who last week switched from the Democrat to Republican Party, announced today that she is running for U.S. Congress in Rhode Island’s First district against incumbent David Cicilline.

Her announcement is as follows:

Today, State Representative Karen MacBeth (R-Cumberland) announces she is running for Congress against David Cicilline. She declares, “I’m running for Congress because career politicians serve themselves—not the people.”

MacBeth has spent nearly twenty-five years as a public school educator as both a teacher and school principal. She’s also been a State Representative as a Democrat until she disaffiliated from the party last week. She currently serves in the State Legislature and was a member of the Cumberland School Committee.

“I switched parties because I have seen firsthand how the principles of politicians are not protecting our schools and not strengthening the Middle Class. Their principles are power,” MacBeth stated. “For politicians, their constituents aren’t you or I. It’s the lobbyists who fund their campaigns.”

MacBeth, until last week, was Chairwoman of the Oversight Committee where she led the charge to uncover the fraud behind 38 Studios that is costing the taxpayers over $100 million. “I am not going to stand with a Democratic Party that rewards the politically connected.  We saw in 38 Studios that the politically connected got our money—but we the taxpayers got the bill.”

“Now I’ve been stripped of my committee,” MacBeth continued. “This is the state of politics today. If you stand up and speak truth to power they shut you down. I will never apologize for putting people above political power.”

MacBeth added, “I believe the people want their Member of Congress to be an independent voice for them.”

She also cited the recent toll for truckers as another example of politicians ignoring what their constituents wanted. MacBeth said, “The people of Rhode Island didn’t want tolls. So what did politicians do? They rushed it through before anyone could stop them. They knew we opposed it, but they did it anyways.”

MacBeth continues, “as Mayor of Providence, David Cicilline left the city in financial turmoil. He abandoned his city, a city that continues to struggle out from his poor leadership. He has taken those values to Washington DC. It’s time we elect someone to Congress who will fight for you, a stronger economy, and better jobs.”

“As a member of Congress, Cicilline is putting the United States in danger with his support of the Iran Nuclear Deal. He voted to unfreeze over $100 billion worth of assets for the Iranian regime, making a nuclear armed Iran more possible today than ever before. I promise to stand with Israel, our ally in the Middle East.”

MacBeth concluded, “If you too believe we need elected officials who puts the people over special interests—a Congressional Member who puts principles over power—then I’d be honored if you’d join us today.”

“We won’t be the campaign with the most lobbyists in our corner—but that’s okay if you’re in our corner. There are more of us than there are of them—if we speak out. That starts today.”

David Cicilline has been a career politician for over two decades. He was first elected to Congress in 2010 when he won by single digits.

MacBeth has served on the Cumberland School Committee, and currently serves in the State Legislature representing Cumberland. She has never lost a race for office.

She is a mother of three, and the daughter of a United States Marine Corp Veteran.