Bride stuck in biltmore providence elevator

Bride nearly misses wedding after getting trapped in Providence Biltmore elevator!

Melissa Rodger nearly missed her wedding reception after getting stuck in an elevator at the Providence Biltmore for 45 minutes last weekend. The bride was on her way to the 18th floor for the reception when the elevator stopped about four feet short of its intended destination.


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Soooo….I’m assuming that the Biltmore comped the entire wedding, right? I mean, I know it didn’t say so in this video or in any of the 87 stories written about this but I’d have to imagine that this would be the ONLY fix for this. Like a bottle of champagne and a complementary couples massage is what you get when they run out of shrimp cocktail and this is just a bit more extreme than that.

Time for Alanis to re-do the lyrics.



Anyway, if you’re looking to book a wedding in Rhode Island, just go to Gurney’s, they’re the nicest hotel in Newport by a mile!

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